Typical Sessions

Many people are afraid to come to counseling. They think that it means that they will hear something they don't want to hear. Or they are afraid that it means that the relationship is over. It's just not true! Coming to counseling could save your relationship. If you don't do anything different, you'll get the same result. 

In a typical relationship session you both come in for the initial session. We go over paperwork and then talk about what brought you to us. We then outline what your goals are for the relationship. After the first session, each of you comes in for an individual session. Here we talk about your childhood, what kind of a relationship your parents had, what kind of previous relationships you've had, and what you think are the positives and negatives of the relationship you are in now. After that individual session for both of you, we see you together for the rest of the duration of counseling. We aren't here to make you feel bad what what you have/have not done. We are here to show you that it can be different from here on. 

Relationships, like children, go through stages. Those transitions are difficult, but if you know what is happening and how to make it better, it usually gets better. We cannot guarantee miracles, but we can guarantee that we will work as hard as you do to improve your relationship.  

You are reading this web page for a reason. It's because you want things to be better. Many relationships go through rough spots. Sometimes things iron themselves out, other times you need some help. We help 'unstick' relationships. Need someone objective? We'd like to help. You can schedule by either clicking the Schedule me button below, or calling 937-660-8190

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