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Marriage and Relationships

Many relationships go through rough spots. Sometimes things iron themselves out, other times you need some help. We help 'unstick' relationships. Need someone objective? We'd like to help.

We see relationships in two states. The first one is when one partner thinks things have been getting stale. You might feel that communication is more difficult than before. You might be having more disagreements, and your sex life seems to be suffering. Not that things are bad, but you know they used to be a lot better. In this situation, one partner thinks things need work, and the other partner thinks things are fine.

Our Relationship Tune-Up Program is geared for this kind of couple. The Tune-Up program is three sessions and you get a 10% discount if you pay for all three at one time.

The other state is when the relationship is clearly in trouble. If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, counseling could help you.

Do you feel like your relationship is going down the tubes?

Do you lay awake at night worrying about your relationship?

Are you afraid you are heading for a break-up or divorce?

Is your sex life non-existent?

People are afraid of therapy for a lot of reasons.Everyone worries about what they will say/do/find out in counseling. It's a normal part of the process. What I can tell you is that we've never had a client say they were sorry that they came to counseling. Long-term marriages are our speciality. 

You might just need someone on your side, rooting for you.  We work with individuals and couples. Learn coping skills that will help you deal with your situation. We offer convenient day, evening and (in the winter) weekend hours to accommodate your schedule.

Think Centerville is too far? It's closer than you think! The office is 1 mile east of Austin Landing, conveniently located between Dayton and Cincinnati. There are plenty of shops and restaurants close. We are on the corner of Austin and Success Lane. There are entrances to our parking lot from Austin and from Success Lane. We are in the Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Center. The address: 10501 Success Lane, Suite 132, Dayton, Ohio 45458. When you see the building that looks like a pyramid with the top lopped off, you've found it! (Close to the Yankee and Austin intersection with the Speedway)

Our clients tell me they feel supported and appreciated from the first session. Call 937-660-8190 or
email me to set up a time to chat.